All of our dogs at Vindogs Kennels are kept primarily as pets and are not solely used for breeding purposes, all of our dogs live at home with their family, live indoors and are loved and well cared for.

Yes you are more than welcome to visit us before deciding to buy a pup from us, you should always visit any breeder before buying a pup from them and never buy from a pet shop.
All of our litters are raised with their mother at home and will come to you well socialised. It will be used to having other animals and children around and be used to living in a busy home environment.

All of our dogs are pedigree dogs and are registered with the Kennel Club, We pride ourselves on the pedigree of our dogs and they have many champions in their 5 generation history.
Yes, all of our litters are available for export, however this will raise some additional costs, please visit the Exports Page for more information.
Importing a dog from the United Kingdom will increase the size of the gene pool available for breeding in your country of residence. The pup will come to you with all of the relevant vaccines needed to be imported to your country and will be health tested and be fully checked by a vet before it is exported.
Yes, if there is generation after generation of blue on blue breeding (No other colour dogs in their pedigree) then the chances are very high that your dog will have a skin condition. At Vindogs Kennels we understand the importance of putting the black gene back into the black dilute gene of dogs we breed from. Although skin conditions are common if not bred properly we have never had any of our dogs suffer with skin conditions and have never had any reports of skin conditions with litters we have bred.