DOB – 19/12/11

Her sire is Amys Berty Blue & Her dam is Suzie Sweep

Tia is a perfect example of a Staffordshire Bullterrier, She meets all the criteria for the Staffordshire Bullterrier breed standard. Tia is the perfect companion dog, She really enjoys children and peoples attention, also her walks with her best friend a little chihuahua. She loves meeting new people and animals of all types too. Tia has all the best black and blue ancestors in her 5 generation pedigree which include MUDSKIPPER WILD THING, KENZED FREYA, KENOCTO OCTAVIA, PRAIRIE WOLF, AMYS BERTY BLUE, KENMILLIX BLUEY SMALLS. Tia really is the finished artical.

Health checks – Tia has been D.N.A tested and is L2-HGA clear and Hereditary Cataract (HSF4) clear