Our Blue Staffs


kai is the one of the bitches we kept from one of Blues litters, she is a perfect example of the breed and is the happiest friendliest dog who loves children.

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Dusty is the smallest Blue staff we have at Vindogs Kennels, she is a true to type old school staff with a lovely bully head.

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Sky is highly intelligent and affectionate, especially towards children. Her pedigree is second to none and is another perfect example of the breed.

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kayla is the perfect example of the Staffordshire Bull terrier breed and is quite the little character, she has it all the height the structure lovely rose ears and the perfect scissor bite.

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Tia is now our smallest dog at Vindogs. She stands at just under 13” she is another perfect example of the breed. Dark eyes, nails and solid blue in colour. She is very loving and always wants attention. She loves children and long walks.

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Blue (Retired)

With 5 generations of excellent blue ancestors, Blue has produced some of our best litters although she has now retired from breeding and is kept solely as a pet.

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