Breeders Of Blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers & French Bulldogs

Vindogs is an established, experienced, reputable kennels who specialise in breeding Blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers & French Bulldogs, we are located in Liverpool England, we ship worldwide and enquiries from overseas are welcome.
All our dogs are Kennel Club registered with many champions in their 5 generation history. We have over 10 years breeding experience and we pride ourselves on the high quality pedigrees and temperament of our dogs. Each dog we have here at Vindogs meets the breed criteria of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed description & French Bulldog Breed Description.


At Vindogs we aim to breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers & French Bulldogs with a good temperament that will be a valued member of the dog owners family, by socialising our dogs with other animals, multiple people and children, we believe that you have the best chance of having a pet that will be a well balanced dog that will be used to having people and pets around them and be well suited to fit seamlessly into the family environment. It is vitally important that new owners of Staffordshire Bull Terriers & French Bulldogs continue to socialise their dogs to ensure they are friendly when meeting strangers and other dogs when they are out for a walk.

“We breed for health, agility, temperament & overall breed perfection”

It is also vitally important that your Staffordshire Bull Terrier or French Bulldog be obedience trained from a young age starting the day you pick your new pet up, by continuing the training that is carried out by us you will ensure that your dog has clear limits set on what it can and can not do, reinforcing the dogs status within the pack and the status of you and other family members as pack leaders, ensuring the relationship between your family and the dog is a life enriching experience. By using a professional dog trainer you will gain the best results possible further enriching your experience of dog ownership.

As a breeder of Staffordshire Bull Terriers & French Bulldogs we believe that by continuing to keep contact with owners of our dogs, we can offer help and advice on helping your dog to settle into its new environment and we will also offer help with rehousing your dog should you decide for any reason that you can no longer keep your pet.